How to choose a sports uniform for girls

How to choose a sports uniform for girls

In fact, it's not that easy to choose the right sportswear for children, just like the clothes for school. It is easy to "get lost" among a variety of styles and fabrics and choose a thing of dubious quality. After all, sportswear should be very convenient, and for small fashionistas, it is important that it corresponds to the latest trends. Therefore, Suzie has prepared some tips on how to choose a sports outfit and not to be mistaken.


1. Pants and jacket should not be fitted, but the girl should not be dressed in a suit-bag. Look for the golden mean and be sure to try. During the test, let the daughter try to sit down, waving her hands to check if the clothes will skim the movements.


2. The natural lining is a pledge of complete body heat exchange. Modern manufacturers offer a large selection of sports suits, the top of which is made of plaster and other synthetic materials, so in this form, the lining should be exclusively natural. If your favorite suit has a grid lining — do not waste time and look for another, because the net only will irritate the skin of the baby while moving.


3. Make sure the suit is with your pockets. During his studies, the daughter will be able to hide napkins or other trinkets in their pockets, which should always be at hand. Also, check the quality of the sewn fittings so that there are no sharp projections or metal elements.


4. Choose two sets of sports form: light and warm. Their child will wear depending on the temperature of the air outside.


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