How to choose a girl’s Halloween costume

How to choose a girl’s Halloween costume

Halloween is a holiday with deep historical roots. Its origins begin in the Celtic traditions to celebrate the end of the summer, honoring dead ancestors. Christian tradition turned it into the Day of All Saints, but only in the XIX century. Thanks to Irish migrants in the United States, everyone began to dress in bright and frightening costumes. Festivities in the style of an unusual holiday are increasingly popular in our country. Today we share with you advice on how to give the girl an unforgettable emotion, choosing the most interesting outfits for her.


1. The main thing you should not forget is the matching costume to the age of the baby. The smaller the girl is the cuter and funnier her image must be. Let it be variations on the theme of fairies, unicorns, and fairy-tale princesses. Also, a pumpkin or kitten's outfit will look interesting. For the older girl, you can choose the costume of the heroine of comics, mermaid, sorceress or Dracula bride.


2. Same rules are also for makeup. Of course, the image will be unfinished if the witch does not add mystery and the vampire traces of blood. However, childish impudence and tenderness should not disappear under the thick layers of a gloomy makeup. No dense texture, dark lipstick and gray circles under the eyes. For the light effect of pimp use light powders, and the dramatic look will give purple-plum shadows. Particularly relevant sequins - the most versatile beauty product for creating festive makeup. They can be applied to any part of the face and even on the hair.


3. Stylization. The carnival nature of the holiday implies theatricality, but the coolest looks will be the restrained outfits in the context of current fashion trends. Latex, velour, metallic, wire mesh: these trend materials fit perfectly into this aesthetics.


4. Versatility. It's not necessary to buy something that you will never need, you can add holiday notes to any casual image. For example, add vinyl pants with a Halloween inscription or print, with themed headgear.


5. Comfort. Nothing should interfere with joy. First, a cumbersome and complex suit will restrict the movements of the child. Secondly, it is important to pay attention to the fabric from which it’s sewn. Thirdly, make sure all elements of the outfit are well-secured so that their loss does not spoil the spectacular record.


6. Handmade. If you have time for creativity, creating a suit with your daughter can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Not necessarily possessing the skills of seamstresses, you can create a simple but original accessory. A unique thing, done with his own hands, will especially please a girl and highlight it at a party.


7. Team play. Girlfriends or sisters can look even brighter in paired images that complement each other. You can choose as contrasting characters (angel and demon, good or evil sorceress), and the heroes of one fairy tale or representatives of a certain historical epoch.


Remember that no matter how great and costly a suit is, your girl will feel uncomfortable if he does not suit her by nature and aesthetic advantages. Be sure to take into account the wishes of the child, create together and such a holiday will be remembered by the princess for a long time.

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