How to become a girlfriend for your daughter

How to become a girlfriend for your daughter

In the life of each mother, sooner or later a period comes when it becomes much harder to talk with own child than before. Sometimes such conflicts between parents and daughter transforms into a huge problem with no happy endings sometimes.


It is believed that the most difficult for children is adolescence. Then the hormonal background changes, so the processes and reactions of the organism change. To avoid conflict situations and easily survive this time, Suzie has several tips for moms, how to become a daughter’s best friend.


First of all, try to earn trust. Talk more, absolutely on different topics. Share your secrets and even better to allocate time exclusively for the two of you. Remember well what the daughter  tells  and give her advice only whe she asks it.


Do not criticize for an unsuccessful makeup or bad grade in school. Better delicately help fix both. Support and attempts to understand is a great secret of success in relations with the daughter.


Do not lie even in a small things. Teenagers are very sensitive to lies and even a small component of it can destroy all the trust you deserve.


Do not shout on your daughter for she came later from walk. Explain your feelings and the consequences of your worrying, point out right examples, then the child herself will not want to upset you.


The dreams of the mother and the dreams of the child are different. Very rarely, they may coincide, but do not impose your goals, preferences on clothes and food. The girl herself must choose what she likes more: ballroom dancing, or a music school.


In any case, parents need to stock up with steel patience, so that, together with the child, they can “outgrow” adolescence. Give more love and attention to problems, then you will succeed.

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