How does stylish schoolgirl need to look like

How does stylish schoolgirl need to look like

Most parents think, children being at school, do not think about fashion and concentrate on learning. This thought is very wrong, especially when we are talking about girls. From the small years, young lady clothing is the first sign of individuality.


We have already given our tips in one of the articles about what to look for when you buy school uniforms. Now let's talk about style.


There is one more myth, school clothes should be grim and ugly. Here in Suzie, every school uniform collection is a combination of modern tendencies and quality. Among most popular colors — burgundy, brown, black and blue. Elements of school uniform can be combined, depending on of color and fashion.


If we are talking about, how does modern schoolgirl should look like, you should remember about general rules of appearance in school. For example, the height of the skirt should not be larger than the palm above the knee. Especially, this concerns teenage girls. Also, the height and the thickness of the clothing should depend on the current season. It must be not too hot in spring and not too cold in winter.


There are no limits in fashion choice. For schoolgirl from high school best choice will be dress-case, it elegantly emphasizes the figure. Girls of any age should pick a dress with plated or straight skirt. Universal is considered a school sundress, under which you can always wear a blouse.


There is a tendency, that child fashion is trying to be as an adult-like, and because of that, manufacturers offering dresses in with a bascot, narrowed to the bottom, to the smell, in the form of a tulip, and others. Also, there is a trend for trousers suits. A jacket that slightly covers the thigh and fastens on one button, in combination with truncated pants with strict arrows — is an undeniable hit of school clothes for the coming season.


And don’t forget about accessories — brooches, bracelets, stylish straps. Exactly these details could become the main thing for little schoolgirl image.

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