History of brand "Suzie"

History of brand

Suzie — a brand of stylish exclusive clothes for girls from 3 to 12 years old.

The company has gone through a difficult but fascinating way from the first uncertain steps and to create a recognizable brand in Ukraine, as well as in Europe and the CIS countries. Nearly 20% of the manufactured products are exported to the CIS countries, and Suzie's elegant dresses can be seen even on the shelves of Italy.

“Suzie” is:

  • actively developing company — more than 10 years in the Ukrainian market;
  • a full cycle of creating children's clothing from the idea to the finished product;
  • a young ambitious team of professionals;
  • manufacture of products from high-quality fabrics and accessories;
  • over 20 awards at international exhibitions.


The origins of the company

The history of the company Suzie originates in the deep past, still far from creating the first skirt. Few people know that this is not just a family business, but a dynasty.

The tailor's talent was passed along the Oleg Hrynev tribal line from the great-grandmother Likora. A wise woman, she had a large family, whom she valued very much and did for them all the best. From an early age, she instilled in her children a taste for quality and comfortable clothing.

On the photo the great-grandmother Oleg - Likora with his family.
On the photo the great-grandmother Oleg - Likora with his family.


Little Elena — Oleg's grandmother was born in the village of Khmelnytskyi region in 1939. Seeing how mother carefully and diligently treats things and select the best for her children, she looked up to she and made dolls and clothes for them using all the old scraps of cloth and other materials that she could only find.

On the photo, Oleg's grandmother - Elena in her own hand-sewn dress.
On the photo, Oleg's grandmother - Elena in her own hand-sewn dress.


Likora saw the daughter’s desire for this craft and work with tissues. After graduating from the 7th grade, Elena, with the help and support of her mother, goes to the neighboring town of Medzhibozh. There she becomes a student of a wise and skillful teacher, who takes great experience in sewing.

Nothing can be easy, it was necessary to go to Medzhibozh every day for 7 km in one direction. Every year the girl honed her skills, developed, and she liked the profession more and more. After working for 14 years shoulder-to-shoulder with a Jewish tailor, Elena became a master in this.

On the photo, Elena at the time of work in Medzhibozh.
On the photo, Elena at the time of work in Medzhibozh.


Despite the difficult and busy working days, Elena always found time for the family. Using her skills, she sewed comfortable and beautiful clothes for herself, her children and grandchildren.


In 1967, in the Shrubkov village, a sewing workshop was created, at the collective farm named by Chapaev, where Oleg's grandmother worked until the early 1990s.


In 1977, it was a socialist competition, according to which Elena Snitsarenko was honored for talent and diligence on the honor board.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union Elena continued to work at home, where she sewed clothes for her family and a few acquaintances. At that time there was a lack of fabric, so Elena managed to change old things in modern fashion.

Under Elena’s influence, her daughter Tatiana — Oleg's mother in 1970-1975 went to study at Khmelnytskyi Technological Institute of Consumer Services as a sewing technologist.

On the photo Elena with her daughter Tatyana
On the photo Elena with her daughter Tatyana


At that time, it was a very popular specialty, which produced 7 groups of technologists every year and it was very difficult to find a job.

On the photo Tatiana at the university
On the photo Tatiana at the university


The favorite profession has become a hobby, and earnings brought another industry. Tetyana in her free time always with pleasure sewed clothes for herself and her children.

On the photo, Oleg (centered) with his brothers in the pioneer caps, which Tatiana made for them.
On the photo, Oleg (centered) with his brothers in the pioneer caps, which Tatiana made for them.


Oleg and Olga Hrynev, owners of the company Suzie, met at the university, in the same place where Oleg's mother Tetyana studied; they studied together from 1998 to 2002 in related departments. Oleg at the department of machines and devices, and Olga on production management. As fate, they studied a lot of mechanisms and machines, management of the enterprise, the technology of various manufacturing processes associated with the garment industry.

From his youth, Oleg was interested in modern trends in the business world. In 17 years he began dream to build own business. At the same time, Oleg met his future wife Olga, who entered Oleg's family like a daughter and became a continuation of the family dynasty of tailors. So, common values of a young couple were the desire to develop their own family business and a deep predisposition to sewing art the idea of creating the first skirt was born. Oleg's analytical thinking and creative business grasp prompted in which way was better to develop their own business.

Now Suzie is the main, but not sole Oleg’s business project.

Olga is designer and creative inspirer of Suzie. She was fond of clothing since childhood. Taking up the magazine "Burda", Olga had ideas for tailoring clothes for herself and her friends. She transforms mother's dresses, turning them into talented skirts, sundresses, dresses, and costumes.

On the photo - Olga Grineva.
On the photo - Olga Grineva.


Over the years, most of the outfits Olga sewed herself. With years of practice, the flight of fantasy has spread to the creation of a large number of models were been created whole collections of clothing, recognized today under the Suzie brand.

How it all began:

- 2004 -

In the distant 2004, helping parents in the market to sell children's clothing of Polish producers, a young couple — Oleg and Olga had an idea to sew a children's skirt on their own sketches. With the support of their parents, they began active work: they bought the first roll of fabric, cut it and sent it for sewing, and they themselves filled the buttons with the whole family for a long time in the waistband to the skirt. And so the first model was released. Ready skirts, put up for sale and the family was pleasantly surprised at how fast the first 100 products went off — they were sold on the first day.

Without wasting time the couple made the second step to success — they invested money in the next rolls of fabric.

On photo Oleg with rolls of fabric
On photo Oleg with rolls of fabric


The thousands same skirt model was already made, and it was successfully sold. On the wave of success of the first model, followed by several more models of skirts, and had no less success. Bidding went so well that during the season it was possible to raise money for the purchase of the first car. It was a successful start. Without own production, Oleg and Olga started cooperation with a sewing enterprise, where a talented designer girl embodied all Olga’s ideas: she made patterns, sewed off the first samples.

- 2006 -

In 2006, the Young couple for the first time thought about registering their brand. They want to name the company in honor of the eldest daughter Louise, but unfortunately, this name was already occupied by a little-known firm in Kharkiv, the choice fell on the melodious name "Suzie".


Interesting fact - August 16, 2010 a younger daughter who was called in tune with the name of the trademark, Suzanne was born.

On the photo, Oleg and Olga with their children Louise and Suzanne.
On the photo, Oleg and Olga with their children Louise and Suzanne.


The first market for the production was the Khmelnytskyi market, at that time it was very large and popular. Suzie products have become recognizable and popular by its quality and design at the level with leading Polish manufacturers. Customers were surprised that such products are made in Ukraine, and some did not even believe and said: "Suzie is a Polish manufacturer because in Ukrainian cannot sew like that!". Business was good. Soon such success led to the fact that Olga's models began to be copied.

- 2008 -

In 2008, Oleg rent not large premise procured equipment and hire seamstresses. For two years, the buyer's demand restlessly grew up, which implied increased production.

- 2010 -

A young couple has invested all of its savings in the further development of the Suzie brand. They bought a land and started building a factory in their hometown. A year later, all production moved from small leased premises to a well-equipped new building.

- 2011 -

Oleg and Olga built a large house, where they created excellent conditions for their employees — where they feel comfortable like at home. After the relocation, new opportunities for increasing production opened up meeting the needs of the buyer. Initially, all production was held by several people who controlled all production processes, sometimes combined in several positions — now this work is performed by more than a dozen employees.

- 2012 -

In 2012, for the first time, we find out about Kiev international Exhibitions of children's clothes «Baby Expo». After just a month of preparation, we visited our first exhibition. Oleg and Olga brought samples, with their efforts prepared all the materials for the exhibition: the first prices, catalogs and, presentation. They started to gather bit by bit the first customer base of wholesale buyers. In 2012-2013, the first major wholesale representative made a significant contribution to the popularization of products in Kiev and the Kyiv region. In parallel, a large Kharkiv representative provided entire eastern Ukraine by Suzie’s products.

- 2014 -

At the exhibitions in 2014, the company received great recognition on the local market of Ukraine, and the products were distributed all over the country. The most successful were collections of school uniforms and collections of elegant dresses. Orders for the school uniform began to come from Belarus and Russia. From this moment the number of employees of the company begins to grow restlessly. In 2015, the rapid growth of the company and the constant strengthening of the Ukrainian market led to the need to build the same house to provide jobs for all necessary specialists.

- 2016 –

In 2016, the company significantly expanded its range. The collection of the school uniform numbered more than 50 models, including sundress, skirts, jackets, vests, skirts-shorts, trousers, and accessories.

In 2016 for the first time together with the school uniform, they launched a collection of blouses. And they did not even expect that it would make such a sensation. High-quality guipure and chiffon, decorated with good fittings were used in tailoring. Nobody in Ukraine makes such children's blouses. In parallel, they created the first knitted collection and visited an exhibition in Riga, where the company's products were once again recognized by the buyer.


Today Suzie is a company of a team of dedicated professionals. In the central office, there is an experimental workshop, several sewing teams, a sales department and an office of founders. The creation of the first samples of new models begins precisely in the experimental shop. They enter production, where mainly Turkish fabrics and accessories of Italian design are used, which are personally selected by our designers. In the production process, before the products enter the warehouse, and from it goes to the buyer, each unit of the model line passes three quality checkpoints. Thanks to high-quality tailoring and well-trained patterns, our clothes are not only exclusive and stylish but also convenient and practical.


From founders

We are proud to have created a brand of exclusive and stylish clothes Suzie. First of all, this is clothing in which we dress our children. It is created in order to make children feel comfortable, look stylish and bright.

Louise and Susanne take an active part in the development of new collections of clothes, with pleasure posing on fitting and acting as models in photo shoots. You can see us with daughters in the family's firm "look".

The collective of the company has long been a big family for us, and our partners are people with whom it is always easy and pleasant to cooperate.


Our goal is to grow and develop with you!

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