"Goodbye childhood": the planet celebrating proms

Europe loves minimalistic style clothing, Asia valued riches and bright colors and Australia chooses comfort. We are all so different, but we definitely have something in common. For example, when we are starting to go to school, we are soo small and defenseless. But after finishing it the whole adult complex world is waiting on us. Therefore, the tradition of celebrating graduation is in almost every country. In addition to the exams, there is another important mission — to choose a unique graduation dress.

If you are living in the United States, then you begin to think about graduating from the beginning of the school year. Indeed most girl’s thoughts are not about her dress, but about the gentleman, who will be near her on the prom night. They always wonder, who will ask her out to the prom. And more interestingly, who will receive the title of Queen and King of the evening. Or maybe she'll be lucky?

American traditions are so romantic that they are repeating in other countries with absolute precision. However, we also found other, not less interesting farewells with school traditions.

If only you could get to the royal ball! Have you dreamed about this in your childhood? Especially when you were watching scenes from films, which were necessarily luxurious dresses and tuxedos, an orchestra, gallant gentlemen and their aristocratic companions. And what is most amazing, everyone was moving in their trajectories, as if in a fascinated antler.
Something like that is happening on proms in Poland. However, the girl’s dresses are much simpler. Students have a tradition — national dance, called Polonez. It had an atmosphere of the ancient balls. Another interesting fact: Polish people celebrating the end of the school year in February, 100 days before the final exams starts. This event called Studniówka.

To kidnap your teacher and have no consequences after that — looks like an imaginary tale, right? But not in Germany. People there have a special day before the official event started. This kind of "present" allowing youngsters to feel themselves as an adult and do some silly stuff last time as kids. Besides that, Germans like to do one more tradition — to plant trees. Here only people who love nature doing that. But, what if every student will do the same… Maybe, we should start acting as germans?

Chinese people do not like big celebrating. After the last day of school, children there are throwing out from windows everything that remains them about it. So you can find on the streets pencils, pens, notebooks, bags or even stylish school uniform at that time.

The Swedes are the one, who really celebrating their school ending. Yesterday pupils are trying their best so everyone could hear them! That’s why they are using different whistles, screams and even ... an orchestra. On the last day of school, they are running out from it to the streets, where their parents greeting them. Some school has a tradition: kids there must wear white color clothing even hats. With dates when school begins and ends.
And then the interesting part starts. Pupils went inside the truck and going out with music to continue to celebrate. While citizens also greeting them. This kind of celebrating only allowed for yesterday pupils!

It doesn’t matter how you will celebrate that day. The only thing that important is that you should enjoy it. Dancing until morning starts, endless jokes and a lot of selfies — these things will make you remember your prom forever!

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