Going to the sea: what should be in the bag of a caring mother

Going to the sea: what should be in the bag of a caring mother

Summer is in full swing, which means that the holiday season has come. To enjoy the nature and tranquillity of most parents choose a holiday by themselves for themselves and children. For this trip, you need to prepare carefully and take with you a lot of things. Suzie has prepared a list of the most essential things that a caring mother needs to take in a beach bag.


  1. The cap, bucket hat or hat should be for you and for the baby. To save your health and not get a sunshine, the headgear is better not to drop.
  2. Children’s swimsuit in a bright color, so the child could be easily noticed on the beach.
  3. Replacement clothing is always needed. In a wet swimsuit, it’s not ethical to walk around a populated area.
  4. After bathing, you must wipe the baby with a towel.
  5. Sunscreen cosmetics with a high protection factor (not less than 40). A child needs to constantly apply the cream before going to the beach and after swimming. Read the cream instructions carefully.
  6. The beach shoes should be waterproof, comfortable and fit the size of the baby’s feet.
  7. The best option for swimming in the sea is an inflatable rubber ring. To have a lot of fun at the beach, you can grab some toys.
  8. Fresh air is always causing appetite, so a small snack will be appropriate.
  9. A large amount of non-carbonated water to quench thirst and avoid dehydration.


Be sure that the listed things will suit you on holiday. We advise you not to forget to bring with you a good mood, so that the holiday really resorted to the glory, remembered for you and the child.

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