Four variants of outerwear for girls in the autumn

Four variants of outerwear for girls in the autumn

Somehow, when the summer is over, you always want to miss it. Because of warm and sunny days, holidays and the rest, they all over. For pupils, these three months were generally carefree, and very soon they have to sit down at the desk.


Specialists advise in any situation to look for a positive, so why not find it in the purchase of outerwear for the fall. After all, Suzie has prepared a stunning autumn collection for little fashionistas.We already know what clothes were popular in summer. Now let's look at what types of outerwear are in the trend this season.


A coat like mom — the number one choice. The trend is both short and coat to the knees. The minimum of accessories, the main focus on pockets, which in most cases are quite voluminous so that they stand out. They can be embroidered fur, sequins, embossed fabric.


Another trend is a suede jacket. Inside and outside, they are extremely delicate, but, of course, are made of quality material. There are two jackets of this type - with or without fur.


For those who like the sporty style bombers will fit. These jackets are similar to sweatshirts with a wide elastic band on the cuffs and the bottom of the product fastened to the snake. Bombers can be made of leather, fabric or even artificial fur.


Girls aged 12-13 years old can look at black leather jackets. They also "migrated" to adult children's collections. They are mainly made in leather and in various colors. Black leather jackets will suit for wearing only during a warm autumn.


What to choose for autumn for your princess, the choice is yours. The main thing is that it was Suzie's top dress for girls.

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