Four psychological methods that make you buy things

Four psychological methods that make you buy things

There is no too much clothing. Who, if not we, girls, knowing that. Shopping is when you relieve your stress with the pleasant result. But exactly right while we are going shopping we can meet salesmen who are trying their psychological methods on us and making us buy the unnecessary thing. Let’s take a look on them closer.


1. Accent on similarity

Experts say that we, buyers, buy the thing from the person who looks something like us. It’s about similarities in appearance, age, even the same name. We trust these people more and make our purchase.


2. False deficits or demand

To create an illusion that the good is being sold out or it in the deficit is very simple. Just guess how many times in the store showers they saw the inscription "last couple", "final sale", and from the sellers "this is a unique thing", "a limited party" etc.


3. Impose a sense of duty

Psychologists say that people who receive some kind of service, feel the need to do something in return. Therefore, when you diligently serve the seller, trying to please everything, refusing to buy is much harder. It's paradoxical that customers mostly understand this, but they still go for provocation.


4. Emotional state

Good or bad mood significantly affects our ability to buy, and sellers to sell. Experts have proven that in a depressed mood we spend more money on purchases, and vendors, on the contrary, do their job less well.

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