Four golden rules in the upbringing of the girl

Four golden rules in the upbringing of the girl

Relationships between mother and daughter in families are different. For someone, a mother is a strict and demanding woman, and for someone a real friend. What role to perform is the choice of each individually. Suzie has four golden rules about how to become an ideal mother and educate not just a lady, but an interesting person.


1. Educate a girl as a person, not as the princess

A beautiful dress, bow, and dreams of a prince on a white horse are certainly very cute and romantic. But despite this, you need to form a child’s self-consciousness. Books, educational games, and various travels are what will help moms. All this will help develop her mental ability, she will see that there are other people, the same as her, and the world is not only limited to her fictional “kingdom”.


2. Self-confidence is the key to a successful future

Since childhood young lady should be brought up with confidence in herself. The girl must know and understand that she is attractive, but her main value is not at all beautiful, but in the luggage of knowledge she will gain in school, and later in college. Beauty in the mind — that's what should explain to the girl's parents.


3. Form the image of a healthy body

The first signs of uncertainty appear in the girls with the onset of a transitional age when the hormonal background changes and with it increases the weight. Here, mothers should be especially careful, and explain all the changes in the body and help to bring the body to the good shape with no harm to it. In general, it is recommended that you constantly go in for sports, and it is better to do it with the whole family. This is the best example.


4. Do not make a daughter a perfectionist

This point concerns mostly the attitude of the girl to study. Of course, it's a happiness when a child learns well and likes it. But do not ask your daughter to be perfect because it can lead to anxiety, a variety of health disorders, depression. Explain that sometimes you need to relax and relax even from what you really like.


Good relationships between mother and daughter will only exist when there is absolute trust. Therefore, love your princesses, but have a clever limit on everything.

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