Five tips for parents from the kids about choosing clothes

Five tips for parents from the kids about choosing clothes

The kids have their vision of the world and how everything looks around. Every year the baby grows, develops and perceptions change. The same applies to clothes. Sooner or later, parents face a problem when they can not please their daughter in choosing, in their opinion, a comfortable outfit.

Therefore, Suzie has collected five tips for parents from children about what clothes they do not like to wear at all.


No tight clothes


Freedom above all, especially when it comes to freedom of movement for the child. Dresses — only comfortable, the pants should not be pressed and gently pull, because, suddenly, after 2 seconds the child wants to run or climb on the ladder. Nothing should interfere with the move.


I don’t like the buttons


For the most part children do not like clothes with the buttons. Since the child is always in a hurry a play, then do some other business, button closing only takes precious time. Therefore, it is better to buy clothes with zippers.


Shoe laces are the biggest enemy


A similar situation with laces you need to solve when you take your shoes off and tied up when you put them on. And laces can unleash at the most unexpected moment. Therefore, parents are better to choose shoes with velcro. With it is definitely less trouble.


“Cabbage effect”


Choose your child’s clothing according to the season  and the temperature on the street. “Cabbage effect” is when to dress three sweaters at the same time. A very questionable way to save a child from the cold, because a large amount of clothing will only restrain movements and will not allow the body to breathe. Sometimes a natural warm sweater dressed in a T-shirt will be a much better option.


“I want to choose myself”


Allow your kids to choose their own clothes. In the store, find two or three things that you exactly need, and let them choose from them. In this way, the child will feel important in making decisions, and will be more pleased with new customers.

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