Five advices for mothers on how not to fall into autumn depression

Five advices for mothers on how not to fall into autumn depression

The summer is trying best to hold it's positioning. But sooner or later every mother should deal with the fact, that autumn came and they will need to take part in their children school routine, besides their work. Exactly in the autumn routine is soaking into itself and it can cause even depression. That’s why Suzie has prepared some advice on how not to allow bad mood and gloomy weather took the main role in your life.


1. Watch on what you eating. Choose vegetables, fruits with bright colors, they will remind you last summer.


2. Go to the gym or dancing. Regular physical activities increase body tone and make you happy. And with the healthy body, you will have a healthy mind.


3. Go drink with your friends. Just for chatting and to remember pleasant moments. Remember, it is better to have around you people, who bring happiness into your life.


4. Get a hobby. If you are not determined by it, now it’s time to concentrate on this. Do not be afraid to try something new.


5. Plan the time for your closest ones on when you can spend time together. You can even go out of town for a picnic for this reason. Try to spend time as much as you can on the outside.


Warm and sunny autumn to you, filled with interesting adventures and experiments.

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