Fashion trends of 2018’s summer. Pieces of Advice from Suzie’s designer

Fashion trends of 2018’s summer. Pieces of Advice from Suzie’s designer

Summer is the period for bright colors, not only in nature but in clothing too. That’s why there is the time for nice and quality clothing for the girl. Suzie’s designer, Valentina Yuzuk will help us to figure out about fashion models and colors of this season.


- Cool and practice fashion model for this summer is oversize. These are free t-shirts or trapeze dresses. They do not squeeze anything and do not interfere with moving. The most important thing for children that they would be comfortable and not hot. If we are talking about colors — for girl’s children clothing it’s a purple pink. Suzie’s products always had it. It is most actual color in this season. Pastel colors and its combinations are also in trend in this season.


- Are unisex images popular in children clothing?

- Children imitate adults. Especially teenagers. From age 12-13 they wear sweatshirts or hoodies, you can’t tell, is those are for girls or for boys. It’s a general world trend. Even luxurious trademarks making attention for teenagers. The fashion was always about young, successful and beautiful. And now it became much younger and the main audience is children now. That’s why we can say, unisex will growth its popularity over time.


- What’s the summer collection looks like? And what’s special about it?

- Summer collection consists of several blocks. These are knitted T-shirts of various coats and silhouettes, mostly oversize and with interesting prints. Also, these are dresses from natural fabric, mostly linen, and holiday dresses. Clothes from Suzie collection are very comfortable and nice. And besides, they are fashionable. For example, the trend of this season — stripe, is in summer sundresses and dresses. Paette and lace appearing in holiday clothing. Everything according to fashion trends adapted to children clothing.


- How holiday/everyday Suzie’s summer image can look like?

- For every day, it could be dress-shirt with stripe, madded from linen. It very comfy and suits for holiday meetings as well. This wardrobe item is very universal and pretty popular amongst the girls. I would recommend laced top and festive foam skirt if we are talking about holiday look. These are most popular fabrics in this season, and they look beautiful and impressive. The girl can add more gentle and grace with the dress, combined with the light skirt, bow, and top with paettes.


- What accessories can add extra to the image?

- This season’s fashionable handbags. Kids will have them in two versions. The first one is habitual, embroidered with paettes or velvet. And the second one — more comfortable version. It’s a handbag, but with straps like a backpack. Very good for children. By the way, animal-like bags are very popular.


While summer only begins, choose Suzie’s clothing for your princess. Always fashionable and with perfect quality, it will bring huge satisfaction from its wearing.

Author: Natalia Humeniuk


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