Fashion and style for little girls

Fashion and style for little girls

Child fashion — is a separate part of fashion-industry. Designers from all over the world are trying as much, as possible make better kids. Especially, if we are talking about fashion for girls 3-14 years old.


Features of children’ style


For about a couple of years already, designers are making collections for girls oriented “everything adult-like”. Bright and juicy shades were changed by soft pastel colors. And complex cut as changed to simple and practical.

Materials, textures, and models could be totally different.


Children’s style for girls 3-14 years are divided into 3 courses:


  1. Military.

Pants, shirts, jackets and other clothing, which resembles military style. It combines in harmony soft colors and three-dimensional elements.


  1. Modern pictures.

This year designers decided not think too much about pink unicorns, ponies and other favorite kids characters. Instead of them, they suggested pretty adult-like clothing printings: sea-themed, clear geometry or floristic.


  1. Romantic.

Beautiful, elegant long dresses which are exclusive models. They could be for every day or for special event-only as well.


You can add more extra to the image with bright accessories: hats, caps, sunglasses, bags etc.


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