Fall 2018: What the world thinks about trends in children's clothing

Fall 2018: What the world thinks about trends in children's clothing

September is already in full swing. The last chance is to enjoy the warmth. After all, the season of cold and rain will begin shortly. Is your teenage girl dissatisfied with her fall wardrobe? Want something extremely fashionable and stylish? Well, let the other countries tell us today.


Let's introduce you to the world around trends in this autumn. Use the tips - maybe it will inspire you to buy baby clothes for your daughter, and turn it into fashionable girl #1 in school.


Let's start with India. A country is known for its luxurious fabrics and fantastic wedding images. Indian fashionistas believe that this season girls should love wide sleeves. With what, the wider the better.

Do you think this is not for you? Well, perhaps, in this case, pay attention to pop art. The trend of the 50's is again with us and pop art prints are now more than ever relevant.

And even in India, they know how beautiful it may be with sequins, so they recommend using clothes with them in any style: from casual to festive dresses.


Fashionistas who want to imitate Italian fashion, this autumn can be recognized by animal prints. Zebras, leopards, tigers - these and other animals inspired the Italian world of teenage fashion.

The theme of animals continues another trend: feathers. Clothing decorated with decorative whitish feathers became unexpectedly extremely relevant.

And it is also clear that the young Italians love warmth very much. After all, fashionable clothes are bright, but warm colors. Moreover, the brightness is present with the mark "maximum".


France, your turn has come. A country that dictates style and trends around the world and this autumn has its own opinion on fashion. Girls, looking at Parisian sentiment, choose white blouses: women's or unisex style. In the event of a cold wind, a black sweater with a high neck is waiting on the shelf. Its color is classic black.

If the lady summer warmly heats the sun, the same classic black color dresses perfect for a warm day in the park.

Ordinary blue jeans seem to never get out of fashion. And the French fashionistas are totally in agreement with this. Alternatively, the same denim style, but black.

For the role of outerwear, a woman's jacket is fitted, as well as a black leather jacket or a leather jacket. Artificial leather or natural - depends on the individual desire of every fashion woman.


Well, we told only the representatives of the three countries. But they did it for nothing. In our opinion, this autumn is the most interesting trend in clothing in France, Italy, and India.

What will your girlfriend like? The things we talked about, is it possible that something completely different? In any case, you can buy baby clothes for any brand and style.

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