Comfy means fashionable. Which hat to choose?

Comfy means fashionable. Which hat to choose?

People pay attention to the face when they meet. Each fashionista knows this, and that’s why she is making a big accent to the hairstyle, decides on a stylish haircut, put makeup and carefully chooses a hat. And we will talk about it now.

Winter jacket for girls requires caps in the same style. It should warm up in the coldest frosts and be sure to look stylish. Ignoring such a warm thing is not worth it, because low temperatures can lead to cold and even worse. Hair is also overcooled and may eventually drop out. Unfortunately, popular fur headphones do not warm up, so we strongly advise you to buy a full-fledged headgear.

The main criterion of choice is the shape of the face. Let’s look in more detail:
The task for the people with round faces is to visualize it. Therefore, the line of the hat may be wide, but should not cover the forehead. It's best that it be slightly open. The openings will also be superfluous. It’s ideal for pompons, miniature bracelets or earplugs. Do not buy stuff that's tight. Better pay attention to popular hats with small brims.

Owners of a rectangular shape need to visually reduce the length of the face. The broad hat brims will help to create a horizontal line, a significant reversal, tied to the top of the ear, and stylish cappies with canopies. Pompons and elongated standing caps are best to be avoided.

The square face is ideally combined with a long beanie. Also, models with rounded outlines will help to soften the features of the face. The asymmetry, in this case, is welcome.

But the triangular shape requires the opposite: to close the forehead. Deep berets, shifted sideways, hats with raised fields here will come in handy. Avoid too bulky and tight-fitting variants. The best thing here is the golden mean.

Girls with oval face shapes can freely choose any variants. However, you should be careful with those things that are capable of lengthening the shape.

The upper winter clothes for girls should also not be forgotten. The hat should complement it and look harmoniously. For example, a coat is not combined with a fur hat, because these things are bringing too much attention and can be a burden on the image. It is better to choose knitted or sporting goods to the down jackets. Fashionable jackets are suitable for a leather jacket and a jacket in the style of a military.
The vivid accent for the teenager can be "ear" models, fur pompons, caps-transformers (with a hood or a snood).

The color of hair and face also play a significant role. The whiter the skin, the darker the cloth should be, and the dark-skinned should stay in bright shades. Contrast brunettes will be added blue, burgundy and red colors on the head. Blondes are better off avoiding the pastel color and staying in pink, blue, gray and brown. Shades of green, gray and purple will fit perfectly with red-haired girls.

Young fashionistas are proud of their hair, so they need to take into account its length. Long curls: choose knitted or lowered products. Briefs: stop on earrings.

The material of the hat should be pleasing to the body, and care should not cause difficulties. Remember that only natural fabric can "pinch" and lose the shape later, and the synthetic is unlikely to warm up. The ideal variant of the cap will be the one in which their ratio will be approximately the same

We hope that when you visit the children's clothing store, you will know exactly what to look for and how to choose a girl's underwear for a beautiful and high-quality headgear.

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