Choosing a bicycle for girls: 6 main tips

Choosing a bicycle for girls: 6 main tips

The bike is great for the role of the first vehicle for the girl. In addition, a two-wheeled friend will become a good toy while at the same time contributing to the physical development of the child. Yes, it seems, such an innocent thing as a bicycle can become a serious threat to the baby if it is picked up incorrectly. That’s why Suzie has six tips on how to make a choice.


1. Pick up the bike according to the age, height, and weight of your girl. If she is only learning to roll, then it is worthwhile buying a three-wheeled bike. For princesses, who are a little older, choose a two-wheeler, which has an additional two wheels, which are specially fastened for such occasions.


2. Pay attention to the color of the bike. The bright one and with pictures is what little girls like.


3. A girl’s bicycle should have a light frame. Since she is tender and fragile, she will be not able to wear the heavy thing. Take care of this in advance. Even more: a bicycle with a light frame reduces the probability of injury during a fall.


4. Along with the bike you need to buy the necessary accessories for safety: reflectors, a small bell, shields, knee pads, and a helmet.


5. The seat must be comfortable, not hammering and tilting. So it will not spoil the posture of the girl.


6. To be comfortable to control, pick up a bike with a wide handle on the steering wheel. By the way, it is recommended to choose two-wheelers with brakes working with the help of legs.


Do not buy a bicycle for children with many speed modes. This feature is too hard for a baby and may cause a falling at some point.

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