Children’s fashion festival or how Suzie has conquered viewers on Kids Fashion Show

Children’s fashion festival or how Suzie has conquered viewers on Kids Fashion Show

After Kids Fashion Day in June, there was another fashion event in the native town of Suzie brand


For the first time in Khmelnytskyi, a city where Suzie many years ago was born, a real fashion feast took place. Local manufacturers of children’s clothing demonstrated their latest collections. Of course, there was a new autumn-winter collection from Suzie, which, by the way, caused quite a sensation.


Several hours lasted the holiday under the sky. Young models were dressed in Suzie's most fashionable dress and simply fascinated the audience. The public, by the way, was very different: from little fashion-lovers to stylish adults. Traditionally, Suzie’s clothing was demonstrated on the podium by charming representatives of the school of models "Little Angels". The girls skilfully and confidently stepped by step were walking on the platform and charmed those, who present.


Clothing, accessories, hairstyles and a make-up — everything is perfectly combined in every image of the model and just could not fail to please the spectators. Guests of the fashion festival immediately noticed how well-made Suzie dress was, it was instantly noticed.


To be interesting to everyone, the organizers took care to turn the regular fashion show into a real one. Little dancers, pupils of theatre studio and even a true illusionist invited to participate in the program.


Well, of course, the gifts. They also were at the children's fashion festival. From the beginning, Kids Fashion Show, everyone could fill out a special coupon and throw in a transparent box. In the end — they chose the winners and awarded them with the presents. Suzie also produced and presented very nice and pleasant presentations to young beauties.


In general, Kids Fashion Show was immediately named a successful project, so plans to organize such fashion shows at least twice a year. Suzie is already preparing and excitedly waiting for another fashionable performance.

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