Children clothing in unisex style: is it good or bad?

Children clothing in unisex style: is it good or bad?

We are all used to separate clothing for children into two types: "for boys" and "for girls". And if our gentlemen wear pants, shirts and frankly "boyish" shoes, then the little ladies are used to dress in dresses, blouses, skirts, and shoes. A classic rule when you need to buy children's clothes: "pink is for girls and blue is for boys."


Everything changed quite a bit when the stormy 60s came. Jeans ceased to be clothing only for workers and rebellious youth. The models began to create rather neutral, calling the following styles "For her and for him".


After the 90s, when supermodel Kate Moss become the face of the whole unisex style, we can observe the third degeneration of this design. Why is this happening? Basically, as neutral clothing is equally convenient for both sexes. He does not constrain movement, looks beautiful, and at the same time, it is suitable for almost everyone.


Here is an incomplete list of things that you can safely buy both for a boy and a girl:


Park, jacket, down jacket, straight and narrowed jeans, overalls, cardigans, sneakers, oxford shoes, baseball caps, bracelets, thin ties, woven belts and more.



But if you buy fashionable children's things in the style of "unisex", what are their best to combine?


  • A good idea will be the combination of the unisex and the casual style. In spring and autumn, for example, you can wear a jacket-bomber and straight or narrowed pants and jeans. But nobody will prevent you from wearing the same jacket on a light festive dress. The girl will still look beautiful.


  • As for shoes, depending on the weather, choose slip-on, sneakers, shoe boots or bootlegs on high heels.


  • In winter, outerwear changes for the park or down jacket. They can be worn with any casual style pants, hoodies, sweatshirts, denim shirts or sweaters.


  • Girls can wear a white shirt with denim or knitwear shorts, with trousers and a belt over a shirt, with straight and narrow jeans, with a trapezoidal skirt or a pencil skirt.

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