Check it seven times, buy it once

Check it seven times, buy it once

Buying children’s clothing in the store: what could be easier? Moreover when you can do it from your phone or your computer. In this case, even laying on the couch you can fully refresh the wardrobe of your daughter. And even save some money: everybody knows that's on the Internet all goods are cheaper than in a “real” store.

But question appears: on what you should pay attention when you are buying goods from the Internet? How to be sure you will not be deceived right after you pay for the clothing from your credit card?


We share 7 signs of a good online store


  1. The site design is comfortable. It is looking beautiful and understandable for the customers. Pay attention: when you visiting the site for the first time, can you orient yourself right there? Can you see from the beginning all items, such as categories, item basket, link to your account, various reference information? And what’s about photos of the item? Availability of the right size, color, and price for clothes? All these options should also be present.
  2. The relevant section contains all contact information. Addresses, all legal information, telephones, e-mail are the necessary criteria for any business. The company can always be found on the relevant government websites under its tax number and check the date of registration, find out the name of the director, etc.
  3. In case you order a callback, it occurs it time period described on the site. And the manager communicates politely and provides all the exhaustive information that interests you.
  4. Terms of delivery should be as fast as possible. Of course, there are times when you want to buy stylish children's clothes. And he is currently absent from the store and should be brought from the supplier. All such nuances must necessarily be announced in consultation with the manager.
  5. Warranty. Beforehand, discuss all the points about returning clothes if it does not suit you. Usually, it is 14 days from the moment of receipt of the goods. During this period, you will need to send the clothes back to the store.
  6. Reviews on the site, in social networks and on the Internet. Mostly on the site leave only positive. Negatives are trying to remove as soon as possible. However, in social networks or profile sites, it is not always the owners who have the opportunity to influence the words of people. So be sure to take your time and attention to studying the reputation of the store: Do you have to trust your money and expectations.
  7. Price. Please note: when the cost of things you like is lower by more than 50% compared to other stores, it is likely to be a deception. Yes, of course, it's probably just a sale or a special promotional price. In this case, it will be better to clarify at the store staff, why so cheap. Although we recommend not to be tempted at too low prices. After all, as you know, free cheese can only be in the mousetrap. High-quality baby items cannot be cheap.

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