Call of beauty: decorative cosmetics for teenage girls

Call of beauty: decorative cosmetics for teenage girls

Young fashionistas often try to be similar to their mothers and older sisters. They are curious about how they move, talk, dress, and, of course, doing their makeup. When the baby first tries to put her mother's lipstick, everyone is mumbled and laughing. When a "grown" cosmetic grabs a teenager, the reaction is completely different: from a complete ban to the permission to go to school, even with evening make-up. What to look for and how to assemble the first cosmetic bag for a young lady? Our tips will help you easily understand these tricky questions.

The most important requirement for a teenager's makeup is quality and safety. Therefore, pay attention to the presence of certification and hypoallergenic of the product. It is also recommended to test each medium on a small area of ​​skin to check for the possibility of an allergic reaction.

A gentle blush and a faint lip gloss (it can be 2 in 1: balsam + color) perfectly suited as the first cosmetics.

Modern beauty tendencies are distinguished by increased attention to the design of eyebrows. Therefore, the right color of a pencil or special shades will be emphasized by the natural beauty of the face. An important rule is that the eyebrows are only one tone darker than hair, otherwise, there is the risk of looking unnatural and older over the years.

The eyeshadows should be pastel or nude shades, but the mascara is better to be in color. Black may look rough, especially if the girls have light hair and eyes. Blue, purple, emerald colors are looking not too rich on the eyelashes. But they make the view open and add originality, giving more opportunities for self-expression. Option for school: almost invisible brown mascara, which only slightly outlines the look.

Young skin needs very careful care, therefore, it is necessary to take a very seriously before choosing a cream to align the tone. Dense products can be damaging, it is safer and natural to use a light BB or CC-cream that has a moisturizing and care complex.

Festive makeup can be supplemented with arrows of deep, saturated tones (black in the childlike image irrelevant) and vague lipstick. But the eyes or lips are accented. Especially fashionable and spectacular option for the exit is a light matte shadow and glitter (sequins) on the temples and even hair. This make-up looks very fresh, unusual and youthful.

A modern fashionable makeup is not oriented only to hide shortcomings and emphasize the merits. The main message of any art on the face or its absence is a sincere expression of attitude, interests and aesthetic advantages. It is therefore important to support a teenage girl in the process of knowing themselves as individuals with their own unique features and taste.

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