Bloggers choose Suzie

Bloggers choose Suzie

Suzie is extremely pleased when our customers thanking us. This motivates us and inspires the creation of new models.

Especially awesome when it’s made by the famous Insta moms.


Seeing your product on a photo, a person read by more than 24 thousand followers — this is a serious indicator of quality. Persons like Marina Levytska really have a taste in the children’s fashion, because she has three beauties!



The two elders were a bit luckier: 9-year-old Arina and 6-year-old Nika are already boldly posing in our Yuna sets. Unfortunately, 2-year-old Lisi is still small for our clothes. Maybe that’s why she is so distressed on the photo: she saw the beauty of sisters, and can not dress such a thing.



Not lagging behind with a fashionable look daughter of another Instagram celebrity — Alisa Chekorska, aka alisaswonder.

The 3-year-old Vivian is now the proud owner of the “Augustine” sundress, manufactured by us. Yes, it is a school form. Yes, Vivien is obviously not yet at a school age. But the rules are created in order to violate them, right? Alice came up with the same idea and she chose to visit the party in “Augustine” on her child. The choice was made correctly!



We will reveal the secret: this is not the first purchase of clothing of our brand. Vivienne’s grandmother bought delicate pink dress “Angelina”. So the granddaughter among their peers became the focus of attention in the spring, once again showed an example of how a little fashionista should look like 114 thousand of his mother’s followers. Incredible!


Suzie wants to thank the famous Insta moms for their warm words at about us. We are glad and proud that you like the products of our brand and your opinion is shared by a large army of your subscribers and supporters. The number of “hearts” in the photo below confirms this fact.

We promise to became even better for you, dear Instagram moms, and you, our beloved readers, and continue to produce only high quality and fashionable products. We work for the sake of the smiles of your children!

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