Big and small stars: how celebrities dress up their daughters

Big and small stars: how celebrities dress up their daughters

Being a son or a daughter of a famous person is not an easy task. When at least one of the parents is famous, you'll always be hunted by the paparazzi who just dream of be witnessed some extraordinary happened to you or your mom and dad. But unusual things don’t happen every day. The object of constant talking is the celebrities outfits.

If you are a famous person, it means you have some extra money. At least, most of the people used to think like that. So usually there is no such problem, like where to buy quality children's clothes or finding places to make clothes to order.

The fashion is a whimsy lady and each person looking at her by its own way.

We made our own little investigation: visit some Instagram pages of a famous people and saw what outfits their, maybe not so famous kids like to wear.


Famous TV personality Olga Freimut’s daughter, Zlata Mitchell is a pretty grown-up girl. She is already has her own clothing brand, so she able to get outfits by herself.

Modest and because of that, even more adorable dresses, which are made in the same color range: exactly this is what makes Zlata more grown-up girl and Olga — young and unique.

Hollywood star Angelina Jolie educates a whole group of children. But, what about their clothing — there is no such thing, like looking rich and elitist. Kids wear simple clothing, and they have no differences from their least famous friends. Mother is trying to dress them in gender-neutral clothes. So, that’s why there are complete unisex-style in their wardrobes. No surprises, if they are buying a bunch of the same kids clothing. Anyway, anyone of these kids can wear anything that they all have.

Oscar winner of the year 2015, three times winner of the Venice Film Festival and owner big number of a little less prestige film awards Julianne Moore, besides of her actress talent, gives to the world her daughter — Liv Freundlich, who is also an actress. Young 16-years old film star inherited from her mother beauty, fiery ginger hair, and also skills to dressing up comfy, simple, but at the same time stylish.

Choosen in a right way look of daughter and mother, making them look like younger and older sisters. And pretty modest by today’s standarts Liv’s mini skirt as if reminds us of the youth of its owner. Model and color of it look like school uniform skirt.

We showed to you only couple examples of famous moms and their daughters. And we hope, you interested in such subject, just like us.

So, as we see, wardrobes, some famous people, and their daughters don't have any extraordinary things. But they have some “spark”.

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