Beautiful haircuts: ideas for girls

Beautiful haircuts: ideas for girls

Fashion hairstyle is a necessary attribute of any woman, regardless of age. From the moment a baby has long enough hair, you can start fashion experiments.

Of course, it’s easiest to contact a specialist, but there are mothers who want to be a stylist for their daughter.

Especially for these, we have some tips and ideas.


If the girl is still small (3-6 years old), you can pay attention to the following hairstyles:


  • bob haircut;
  • a ladder haircut;
  • with bangs (equal or torn);
  • hairbrushes with curls.


For fashionistas, a little older (7-10 years) may be the relevant hairstyles that are designed for vigor and restlessness. Children of this age are usually quite active. You can choose from the following options:


  • already mentioned bob, ladder and with bangs haircuts;
  • pixie cut;
  • asymmetric bob;
  • haircuts for curled hair;
  • cascade.


Of course, if a girl is older than 10 years old, nobody prevents them from trying these styles. The main thing to keep in mind is that regardless of what children are, the requirements for haircuts are the same as for the adults: pay attention to the structure of the face, body constitution, and other parameters.

It is better to give up haircuts that involve complicated hairstyles: children are too restless, so do not expect to force your girl to spend a lot of time doing her hair. Such “entertainment” will bore her quite quickly.

Doing a haircut and a hairstyle too “adult” is also a bad idea. The child must remain a child. A variety of hair accessories will help you in that.

Be sure to tell and show your daughter what haircut she will get. Ask if she likes it. And if not, it’s best to pick up the option that will suit both of you. Do not upset the girl, forcing her to walk with a haircut that she does not like.

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