Be sure to visit: 5 world fashion exhibitions

Be sure to visit: 5 world fashion exhibitions

The fashion world is quite changeable. And what was in the trend yesterday, today may be completely irrelevant. To keep track of all the changes is quite difficult. However, there is always a way out.

Designers, owners of brands or fashion stores are happy to come to international expos — events where you can find out one of the first all about the future season. But there are so many of them, so how to understand which of them are really important and must be visited?

We present to your attention our top 5 exhibitions that collect the best representatives of the fashion world.

1. Pitti Immagine. In Italy, in the city of Florence, a large-scale event takes place twice a year. This name hides in itself a whole complex of various exhibitions of all directions:

Pitti Immagine Uomo — Men's Fashion
Pitti_W Woman Pre-collections — Women's Fashion
Pitti Immagine Bimbo — collections for children 0-14 years old
Pitti Immagine Filati — knitwear and yarn

 The event is quite old and in 2018 it was held for the 93rd time.

2. Premiere Vision Paris. Another major expo that combines not only a demonstration of fabrics, clothing, but it is also a major fashion show from world brands. Like Pitti Immagine takes place twice a year, and represents an excellent opportunity for brands not only to see what their competitors are preparing but also to purchase world-class fabrics and accessories.

3. Canton Fair. East has long ceased to be catching up in many areas of business. And fashion is no exception. The Canton Fair event is one of the most compelling evidence of this. The exhibition is devoted to the export and import of goods, began its work in 1957. It is divided into 3 stages, each of which is devoted to a specific subject of goods. Perhaps this is the best place for doing business with China.

4. Bursa Textile Show. Annual exhibition in the Turkish city of Bursa. Leading global brands of clothing and textiles consider visiting it a mandatory task. This is one of the favorite places of manufacturers from Europe and Turkey itself. And the location of the city near the capital Istanbul gives the opportunity to visit the exhibition to a large number of people.

5. Baby Expo. Perhaps the most important event for Ukraine in the field of fashion. Representatives of the business of the industry of children's goods from all over the country and not only gather at the annual exhibition in Kiev. Every year, starting in 1992, everything can be seen here: from baby food to school uniform.

Where to go this or next year - it's up to you. All exhibitions are worthy of attention. But Baby Expo, in our opinion, should be a starting point, like the one that happens in the home country.
By the way, Suzie, by the already established tradition, will also be present this year there. Good reason to meet all together!
And also, expect a detailed report-article about the events there.

See you soon!

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