Basic school wardrobe: what should be in the cabinet of a girl and a boy

Basic school wardrobe: what should be in the cabinet of a girl and a boy

It is very important that children go to school with pleasure. His child should receive not only from the learning process but also from a stylish and high-quality school uniform. Both boys and girls want to look good every day, so what should be in the basic wardrobe of everyone?


Let’s start with the girls. It is believed that the girl has more clothes than the boy. So, for parents for the whole school year, we recommend having some short and long sleeves. Recommended colors are: white, milky, gently pink or blue.


Pick turtlenecks in brighter colors. They are perfectly suited for every day in a cool time.


Another masterpiece for a young princess is a school dress, and for older girls, a classic dark colored dress. It is also worth to buy 1-2 skirts. In the trend this year, the pleated skirts and skirt-tetyanka. We recommend a practical trouser suit consisting of a jacket and trousers with narrowed pins.


In the cabinet of a boy-student, it is necessary to wear shirts with long and short sleeves. The color is mostly white, for the day it is advised to choose the dark blue: it is more practical for the restless little children. Already depending on the color of the school uniform attach a tie or butterfly.


Purchase several pairs of classic pants of various dark shades. We recommend trousers with narrowed pins: with them, your student will become very stylish. You can also choose jeans if the school dress code is not so strict.


Another necessary thing in a boy’s wardrobe is a jacket. Although they do not really like to wear them, they look very formal and serious in a jacket. In addition, it can be combined with a sweater or shirt. For special occasions choose a vest.


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