Autumn 2018: fashion must have for a teenage girls

Autumn 2018: fashion must have for a teenage girls

In the teenage period, the character is characterized by capriciousness and unpredictability. The mood of the children is variable and depends on many other factors. Parents do not have to worry about it, because the child is searching for herself. She needs to understand the preferences and ambitions, set priorities and find a way to express their individuality.

The opinion of the environment at this moment is extremely important, so the guys and girls always try to look great. And with the help of clothing, it is the easiest way to stand out.


Support and understanding from the loved ones are more important than ever. Parents who think all "for" and "against" about purchases should, first of all, take into account children's preferences and seasonal trends. The choice of things for a teenager should not be limited. In this age, everything is allowed!


Let's take a look at the trends, without which in this autumn young fashionistas can't get around.


1. Denim. Things with the change of the season lose their popularity, and jeans on the top of the fashion have been held for several decades. Clothing of this fabric is found in various interpretations: long and short dresses, skirts, jackets, overalls, trousers with suspenders or a straight wing will become this year synonymous with the word "style".


2. Culottes. Each fashionista should add to her own wardrobe this novelty. Shortened trousers with an extended bottom for some reason remind a skirt, therefore emphasize femininity and add a romantic image. Most importantly is to find a pleasant matter, being in it, will always feel home comfort.


3. Stripes. The images of flowers and birds were with us this spring. Autumn is a great opportunity to wear jeans, a jacket or sneakers with a colorful pattern. The accents in this style look youthfully bright. This decoration will always refresh the outfit and attract the looks of the strangers.


4. Asymmetry. The man is multifaceted and complex by its nature. Sometimes it’s hard or even impossible to understand him. World designers are trying to get away from standard sewing and invent new extravagant models. Wrong and subtle lines will be useful to those who want to express the versatility of the nature and variety of feelings.


5. Oversize clothing. You can hardly name this trend a novelty of the season because for several years he has taken a proper place in the list of top clothes.

The popularity of the bulky dress in the autumn season has increased even more and it is obvious because the things of this style are universal. Girls with any type of figure can hide the disadvantages and profitably emphasize the benefits. Warming yourself with a cup of hot chocolate, hiding in a knit baggy sweater is became a classic of the genre. However, you should not restrict yourself to just a sweater.


Fashion included various free-cutting things: jeans, dresses, coats, and jackets. When choosing an oversize clothing you need to remember the rule of the golden middle: a few such things in the image will look inappropriate, and therefore you need to stop the choice only on one.


6. Hats with wide rays. In the autumn period, the hair often experiences the effect of excess moisture, but to get a winter hat and hide the head in it is too early.

The hat will perfectly protect against precipitation, and most importantly create an unforgettable image.

Such a sophisticated headgear among adult women has got to bad because extravagance is not suitable for everyone. And a teen hat is a great accessory that will help to express herself.


7. Metallic shine and glossy texture. Young ladies are always flying in their dreams, often believes in magic and fascinated by the amazingness of space. The brilliant dress is best suited for those who believe in fairy-tales.

Leggings, jumpers, jackets, moccasins: the choice of clothes, that will definitely attract your looks, is currently quite broad.


8. Multilayer. This trend is ideal for teens and fits into their philosophy of life: "freedom and uniqueness". Several things dressed one on another will just be useful in cold weather. A bold decision is the combination of different textured fabrics, such as denim and satin, rough viscose and tulip. When choosing several layers, you need to think carefully each detail. The only color of different shades is one of the most important combination criteria here. The belt, dressed on top of an elongated or regular jacket will have an interesting look. This advantageously emphasizes the waist.


9. Artificial fur coat. Newest materials require minimal care compared to natural ones. They guarantee the durability of use and a beautiful appearance. It is good that the trends of genuine leather and fur are not dictated by modern fashion; instead, more and more manufacturers are promoting a humane attitude towards animals. This autumn this trendy fluffy coat will make the young schoolgirl even more charming.


Modern fashion trends are focused on comfort, warmth, and functionality. Remember that health is the most important value of a person, so unpleasant and cold clothes shouldn’t be in your closet.

Stylish trends are those that save your health and emphasize your peculiarities, so analyze the latest items and choose the best for yourself.

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