Animal planet: fashionable animal print in children’s wardrobe

Animal planet: fashionable animal print in children’s wardrobe

An animalistic picture is an expressive trend of the autumn-winter season 2018-2019. It is an object of attention of stylists and bloggers. Scenic spots of leopard and python, contrasting stripes of zebra and tiger are decorating the clothing. Dresses, skirts, upper wear clothing and accessories in totally different styles from sports to classics. Among such variety of assortment, any fashion designer can find an actual thing that fits perfectly into the wardrobe. However, the animal’s print is very complicated and capricious in styling. You need to have great taste and talent to avoid kitsch and disharmony in the image.

Needless to say that the choice of children’s with this design is even more complicated. Inconvenient interpretation of the trend on babies and teens looks even more inappropriate and ugly.

The basic principle of combining every day’s image with animalistic print is minimalism. Choose only one item from the wardrobe and make an accent on it. And for the background let it will be monochromatic with a laconic cut. For example, combine a denim total look with leopard shoes or a tiger coat with the items of sand tones. Rubber boots with an animalistic picture is a cute and funny option for an autumn’s bad weather.

Colored “skins” is a very trendy option. The leopard in the pastel shades of blue and powder is completely transformed. And bright snakeskin becomes even more spectacular and exotic. Monochrome and black and white prints, especially in sports style, also look good. It is also possible to stylize the stains and stripes themselves. Simplification, the game with scales and proportions adds originality.

There are some seasonal fluctuations in popularity: the leopard is considered to be the classic for the autumn. But the spring of 2019 will surprise a lot of extravagant zebra strips in all kinds of clothes and accessories.

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