An exciting journey. Where to spend winter holidays

An exciting journey. Where to spend winter holidays

The Christmas holidays are the most expected days of the year. The whole two weeks of fun and rest. At this time, not only children but parents want bright emotions. You can put under the Christmas tree quality children's clothes: a fashionable skirt or a hat. However, the well spent time will warm your soul for a whole year.

A family trip will be an exciting event this winter. Not necessarily to buy tickets to foreign countries. There are places in Ukraine where you have not been there yet:

1. Residence of Saint Nicholas. Everyone in the childhood imagined this man who put the pillow gifts. In Kosiv (Ivano-Frankivsk region) there is a Carpathian style house, where Nicholas lives. Even more: children have the opportunity to talk to the miracle worker personally. Fun, games, creative program and, of course, delicious sweets and Hutsul tea will appeal to the youngest. It is easier to believe in a fairy tale when it is confirmed in reality.

2. Visit the Carpathians - what could be better for holidays? This land is very hospitable and can surprise tourists. Here you can always try horseback riding, delicious traditional drinks and dishes, look at rare animals, and more. A special atmosphere is given by wooden houses and hung Christmas lights everywhere. The courageous kids may try skiing, and for those unsure can sled. The main thing is to go on a quest for adventure and get out of the comfort zone. Then funny things will find you.
If you are not going to go anywhere, get a real pleasure from watching the mountain woodland.

3. Familiarization with children with natural wonders is at the same time as a health-improving goal. Thermal sources are places where the temperature of the water does not depend on the weather. When the winter is cold, and the water is warmer than in the bathroom - that's what surprises everyone. The Carpathian region is rich in such places as Beregovo, Velyatino, Kosino. In the last city after the hot lakes, you can cool down in an icy cave. Take a walk in it, make a photo and tell the story of the origin of a natural miracle - rest can also be cognitive.

4. At the Yaremche fair, not only souvenirs for relatives are sold. You can also buy quality original clothes for a girl there. Many less-known Ukrainian manufacturers want to show themselves to the world and for this purpose they choose such places. Stylish gloves, handmade hats, scarves, socks, new-year style sweaters, vests or even jackets - analogs in regular stores are sometimes hard to find. In addition, many things are made of natural fabrics or wool of mountain sheep.

5. The process of creating Christmas tree decorations will surprise both children and adults. You can see New Year's magic with your own eyes in Klavdievo, near Kiev. Blowing, spraying, coloring - decorations go a long way on the way to the store. Visitors will have a tour of the museum and production, stylization of the Christmas town and fabulous forests, participation in the painting of toys.

What do you need for a good rest? Prepare a good mood, pack your suitcases, plan a route, dress your little girl in a warm coat and go on a family journey. Let these holidays become truly festive!

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