7 pieces of advice on how to choose school uniform

7 pieces of advice on how to choose school uniform

In the middle of summer season, it is time to think about school uniform for your child. No matter of age, children like to dress nice and look fashionable, so they try to express themselves with their cloth.

Business style, compliance with trends and practicality — it is what parents should pay their attention at first place, while they are looking for school uniform. We are going to give couple advises on how to choose some good clothing model and do not get fooled by skilled salesmen:

1. Fabric always should be natural (30-35% of synthetic fibers), pleasant to touch and do not rumple. Also, you should give a look for lining. It cannot be synthetic by any means. Ideal thing will be 50% for viscose and nylon each. Be careful — having too much of synthetic fibers can cause discomfort and even allergy for the child.

2. Have label with information on it about where it was made, fabric material, how to wash it and even how to iron it. This label should be firmly sewn to the product.

3. Information about who made this cloth, you can read on the Internet. Nowadays almost all companies have their own site, where you can find al information about item and client testimonials. So do not be quick with the choice.

4. Turn thing inside out and make sure, all stitches on clothing are good and there are no extra treads are sticking out.

5. For a school uniform it is better to choose calm colors. You better ask school administration or your child teacher about color gamma of the school cloth.

6. Trying thing on — is an important process in choosing school uniform. We do not recommend buying with measuring by sight or with the ruler. It will be best of all, if you take to the store the one, who is going to wear it.

7. Try to buy a maximum of one size larger, because the kid will sooner wear it off before he grew up from it. With extra large clothing, child will be looking not very good.

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