7 present ideas for a Valentine’s day

7 present ideas for a Valentine’s day

Despite the fact that Valentine's Day is considered quite an “adult holiday,” your girl probably also wants to get a beautiful gift on such an important day. Despise the fact it’s too early for her to think about boys, first kisses and walks under the moon, there no reasons to leave the baby without presents.
So why not make an original and beautiful surprise for February 14? There is still a little time to get ready, and we, in turn, are ready to tell you how to please your daughter.

Valentines. Of course, it is impossible without them, because it is a symbol of Valentine's Day! A musical valentine with beautiful drawings and a sweet melody that sounds when the child opens the card will be a good choice for the child. Successfully complement and make this day even more memorable, can delicious sweets and fruits.

Music box for those who consider the previous version too simple. In contrast, such a souvenir will decorate the girl’s room, becoming an excellent souvenir and an unforgettable reminder for many years. Even becoming more adult, she will be able to open this box, listen to a pleasant melody and remember the day when mom and dad pleased her with such an original gift. Be sure to pay attention to the models, where, in addition to music, a beautiful ballerina figure dances inside.

A singing toy will complete our musical selection. Who knows, perhaps a doll or a bear cub, will become the best friend or friend for the coming years for your daughter. Now there are many similar models, with completely different tunes. The toy is powered by only a few finger-type batteries, which are replaced without much difficulty. And the music that sounds is often very recognizable, so you can even sing along with the doll.

Visit the kid's event. Has a circus arrived in your city? Or maybe in the local puppet theater premiere of an interesting play for children? And how long have you been with your whole family at the cinema watching a funny and cute cartoon?
February 14 is a great reason to take a walk together. Moreover, it will be a good idea to go to the children's cafe for cocoa cakes.

A children’s book about love. When else to talk about the most important feeling on Earth, if not on Valentine's Day? The books will help you with that. You can find them in the local or online books store.
The stories were written there are sweet, kind and gentle. Filled with romance and warmth. Just what is needed on such a good holiday!

"Snack" pillow. Ordinary pillows are yesterday’s day! All modern children want to sleep on the "tasty" things.
If you still do not know what we are talking about, we will explain. Now on sale, you can find pillows in the form of different sweets: donut, ice cream cone, cake, etc. Together with a beautiful and often “cartoonish” print, such a thing gives a whole lot of joyful emotions. And not only for children, but also adults. In addition, it is not just an accessory: be sure to pay attention when buying, so that the material is hypoallergenic. We are sure: with such a pillow, the child will have the sweetest dreams!

Baby clothes. Any fashionista knows that the best gift is when a mother manages to convince to buy a dress, coat, skirt or other new clothes in a children's wardrobe. It's so nice to come to the school the next day in a new and beautiful way!
Fashion brand Suzie is always ready to offer spectacular clothes that will please even the most demanding girl.

We wish you that Valentine's Day will be remembered to you and your daughter for a long time: happy smiles, pleasant gifts and of course, a warm atmosphere that only love can create.

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