6 steps to the sea: getting ready for a vacation

6 steps to the sea: getting ready for a vacation

Yes, we know, you remember everything, because this is not the first time you bags. However, the situation when a festive dress is, and the shoes to her calmly standing at home is not uncommon. You turned around, boasted a friend of the hotel or watched on the advertisement of a fashionable baby brand - and forgot what you need.
To avoid this, we recommend that you read this article carefully, postpone it, and take a look again before leaving.

Let's start with elementary: first aid kit. If you think that in one week nothing going to happen, we will assure you in the opposite. Often medications may need to be in full use. After all, children are still those masters find adventures for you and them. Antiseptics, antipyretics and stomachs: it's best to take everything for hours to understand the foreign labels.

Just a few hours and you will be at sea. Experienced tourists will tell you that it's not always perfect. Your children may not like long travels. After all, they do not understand why the flight is delayed or the kilometers formed at the border. Their lunch should be on schedule. In order not to quickly buy doubtful cookies, it is better to take from the house useful checked snacks. Nuts, mashed potatoes in a comfortable package, hard tacks or homemade sandwiches.

Spacious beach, beautiful sunbeds, lots of colorful fruits and luscious sea... You dreamed of it from the winter, right? In practice, there is often a problem: the child is used to a home bath, and afraid of the sea. Another thing is when she will see her favorite doll, which "happily taking bath in warm water". Imagine that such a simple trick works. So, find a place for the toy in your suitcase.

Who uploads photos after vacation? Today you always need to be in time. If you take care of a sim card in advance, at the airport, you can not worry about browsing Instagram. Of course, this is an additional expense, but it's better than accessing the world only through Wi-Fi at the reception. We will advise you: you can even buy one SIM card with unlimited internet and distribute data to the whole family.

And this thing is so important that we have taken a whole paragraph for it. The comfortable jacket with long sleeves is not enough. Mosquito repellents are the first thing you need to before departure. Spray and aerosol may be ineffective, so pay attention to the bracelets that scare off the insects by its smell. The same principle has special straps. Just strap it on your trousers pocket or the edge of a baby t-shirt and you ready to go for a walk.

And finally, the nicest thing for every girl is clothes! Have an evening to try various fashion images in front of the mirror every day. In order not to carry extra things, plan everything ahead. And as much as possible simplify the life with capsule collections. We know, that you will teach nothing here. Our readers are also fashion pros.

So, when everything is ready it’s only left to wait the moment when you will take your beach bag and go to the sea.

Happy vacation!

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