5 main principles of competent merchandising in a children's clothing store

5 main principles of competent merchandising in a children's clothing store

Imagine for a second how you enter a clothing store. All items there are in a chaotic manner, the hangers are overloaded, and things are sometimes piled up and it is simply impossible to find anything. Dark, or too unnatural lighting, and even the staff are unfriendly.

And now mentally visit the store where the clothes are beautifully assembled in combinations of images and hung by color sectors. The shelves are at a convenient distance from each other, where everything is freely available and it is immediately clear what to wear with what. In the hall, there is quiet, pleasant music, and the sellers are benevolent and unobtrusive.

In which store will you spend more time? Which one do you want to return again?

As the creator of the business and the owner of a children's clothing store, you know the importance of competent merchandising. After all, sales growth depends on what kind of atmosphere prevails on the trading floor. Every detail should create visual and psychological comfort for a potential buyer.

We have prepared for you a selection of simple principles, the observance of which increases the average bill at least 1.5 times.

How to break things into categories?

First, open the catalog of the brand itself. In it, you will find all the necessary tips for combining items of clothing by color, texture, and functionality.
Representing the collection, wholesale children's clothing brands select the most advantageous combination of colors and things in the images, so why not use this as an example?

Creating a pleasant environment

The human eye perceives symmetry and rhythm better. We all strive for orderliness and we feel discomfort in chaos. This principle underlies merchandising, allowing you to create a visually light and pleasant space.
To create a harmonious composition, start with the brightest or darkest things, grouping them into a central block. From the resulting color spot smoothly bring light and pastel shades to the edges.
Form each sector according to the principle from right to left, starting with short things and ending with long ones.

Increasing the amount of the average check

Hang things from one capsule in order of their dressing. This will greatly increase the buyer's desire to take several things at once, instead of one.
Outerwear should always be located on the edges of the sectors, as the final element of the image. If there are two of them in a capsule, place them shorter at the beginning, long at the end.
Things that perfectly complement each other are hung together so that, for example, when coming behind the trousers, the buyer can immediately choose the perfect top for them. Nearby, on the shelves, you can put accessories that fit the assembled sets.

Feel free to combine prints and shades

The latest fashion trends prove that it is possible and necessary to mix prints, adhering to just two simple rules:

  • large print combined with small print;
  • they must be made in the same color scheme.

The transitions of colors and shapes should be smooth and soft, approaching the look of the gradient. this way it is visually easier to glimpse all the goods presented.

How to sell the remnants of the old collections?

Create a sense of novelty in your children's clothing store.
Regularly change the location of things, pick up other options for combinations of elements. In this way, you will be able to present products in a new light, and even regular customers will pay attention to something that they have not noticed before.
Collect sets of products from different collections, the main rule is that all the details of the whole image ideally complement each other and combine with each other.
Sometimes, stopping your attention on anything, the buyer is difficult to imagine how he can use it in his wardrobe. Therefore, you can always offer him examples of different options, which greatly increases the likelihood of making a purchase.

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