Year 2025: which revolutions occurred in the fashion world

Year 2025: which revolutions occurred in the fashion world

I congratulate the readers of the blog "About fashion - just". Today we will talk about modern trends, which every year are gaining momentum in the pace of development. In the minds, there is still a tumultuous surge of "zero", when the fashion includes jeans gloves, short tops and leopard prints. The stormy 2010s captured the audience with the severity of styles and militaries. 2025 became a real gust in style and elegance.

Suddenly, the weighty influences on the world of fashion are overturned, now all the trends originate from children's clothes and give «grown-ups» to the designers of the forehead.

Happy to share the news that TM “Suzie”, a family business that has been creating a fashion history for over 16 years, is a leader in the market.

We are aware of the important mission of shaping the new generation style on us, so we take responsibility for creating exquisite taste, fragility, femininity, neatness, combined with convenience, using environmental materials and functionality of things. I will note that for two consecutive years, the Pantone Color Institute determines the colors of the year based on our assortment.
The collection of elegant dresses "Spring-2k20" has gained world-class recognition. Trend designs for knitted dresses are tracked in the limited collections of Polo by Ralph Lauren. On the red carpet in Milan, Amancio Ortega called Olga Grinova “another Coco Chanel”. This week, on the international show, we present our dress-transformer, which changes the style due to removable sleeves and fur trim. Such fashion things will be useful in any weather and will provide warmth and comfort.

Who is behind this? The relentless work of the international team of professionals. Soul and ideological center of the company are in the prosperous city of Khmelnitsky where the light industry increased its turnover by 214% due to large international orders. Our creative stylists are concentrated around the world - Beijing, Paris, Milan, Dubai, New York. TM “Suzie's” raw materials are grown on plantations in India, China, Pakistan and Brazil. Italian designers specially create prints and translate them into Turkish hardware.

We love that we do and do what we love.

Proud of “Suzie” and love for the reader,

leader of the "search and development of talent"

Skoropadskaya Anastasia.

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